Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Good to Have Editors

I received back from 2 of 4 people who read the first bit. Took a few thoughts into consideration. Thinking over my own story also, I added a few bits, so here is the new total!

5,854/90,000: 6.5% (+1.54%)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sleep, She is Far

I just finished a marathon session at my story. At over 1,600 words for today (around 4 pages because of dialogue) I feel a little drained and ridiculously excited. I think I'm becoming caught up in my own story. I wonder a little about the whole process of writing. I almost feel like I'm writing because I want to know what will happen, what the characters will say, the situations they will find themselves facing. The scene that played out today was dull at first, and I didn't enjoy writing it so much (aka, it will need editing). But when I got to the meat of my scene, the part I wanted to write, the words flew from my fingers to the file. It's those dull connector parts that worry me. I have to make them as enjoyable as the rest, and not just give them away to being "dull connector parts". I feel unbelievably excited right now, because I feel I ended a little slowly today, but I have a good, memorable scene added to the story. A good day :)

Project 1:
4.463/90,000: 4.96% (+1.84%)