Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Progress Update

So, things got really bad in our neighborhood and basically I got no writing done and had to remove the dog from our home because the neighbors threatened to hurt him.  Yes, that kind of people.

I am trying to move on from it but there has been a flurry of activity involving the mayor and prosecutors and... phew.  So to keep a long story short, March was dismal as far as word count.  I managed somewhere in the area of 6,500 words.

See the slight little dip? =/  The only time I was really able to pinch off some undisturbed time.

I am currently (not counting the April writing I've done, yay April!) 84,882 words behind my goal.  My best point was March 1st (50,310) and my worst point was March 31st (84,882).  This puts me at an additional 303 words/day, every day for the rest of the year.  That translates to 1,672 words/day.  We're still not in the super danger zone, but we're getting closer every missed day.  At least for April 1-2, I've made my goal :P  Let's try and get this puppy back under control.  As of the end of March, I should have completed 123,288 words.

So where did I squeeze in my measly words?

And the 17th is when the worst of it went down, so basically right as I was getting steam under me >.<  I am determined, holed up as I am in this safe house, to get some work done.

If I don't, this is what I can look forward to:

I guess the saying is "Evolve or die", so that's what I'm trying to do.  I feel more used to my surroundings now, and I plan to forge ahead.  Here's to a better April!  (And a safe, happy and healthy dog!)