Thursday, May 19, 2011

From Left Field

I generally try to make the Thursday after a TrAuSt post lie fallow, so that it has time to properly ferment its rich goodness into the world of web. But I have some exciting news (for me, anyway) that I am dyyyyyying to share. So instead I'll ask you, gentle readers, have you read Edward L. Cote's post? Have you read it? Are you reading it now? Here is a fifth chance, so you can't say I overlooked the matter! :)

So, my exciting news! Coward went live as planned (always a good thing). Smashwords had it up nigh instantly! They have recently quadrupled Meatgrinder's abilities (the specifics being, four Meatgrinders are now running in parallel). Their conversion queue has vanished. VANISHED, I say! I was sixth once and third the next and both converted, as I said, nigh instantly.

Barnes and Noble and Amazon BOTH were quicker than usual on the uptick. So, Coward is now live and has already sold 3 copies! Imagine that! So fast, it does my heart grand.

But, dears, that is not the most exciting of my news! For, last night I received my first (ever!) piece of Fan Mail. Yes, in capitals! A reader directly invested in my story, enough to tell me so! It was a glorious time, and even now the smile lingers upon my lips.

The month is winding down, less than two weeks to go! I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I will say... I have surpassed my sales goal for this month. For this, I am exceptionally pleased! Despite the unending rain in Ohio (seriously, thinking of building an ark), I feel May has been good to me :)


  1. Wow, I just came over to congratulate you on the 5 star review you mentioned the other day and got more than I bargained for!

    Very cool news about the Meatgrinder(s); I have a title I'm hoping to publish next week and I was already dreading the queue.

    Very cool about the fan mail, your sales and your review. Congratulations!

  2. Hey JE, big congrats! I've been checking out your stuff and I think you've been making big strides! First of all, your covers are absolutely wonderful. And I think with each book your writing has been getting crisper, sharper and more exciting!

    This is what people have been saying about e-publishing and I think it's the good side of it. We writers really can and do learn better "on the job" when we have a real live audience to write for.

    Not everyone will learn and improve so quickly, but for the ones who truly care about their craft and want to succeed--this gives us the tools to do so.

    Bravo!! Congrats on the success!!!

  3. It's been a couple weeks of eternal rain here in NY also. Yuck.

    Great to hear your good news! Well done!

  4. @J: Yes. If you wanted a title published by this year, you should have submitted it last year to Smashwords... No, I kid! They said in their blog post that the queue had reached 24 hours and become entirely unacceptable. They doubled the capacity and the queue began to shrink, but they wanted it under five minutes like back when they first started, hence the 4X. Thank you for the well wishes :)

    @Aaron: Welcome back! Thank you for stopping by with the kind words! When I reach your level of income, I'll be able to quit my job and write full-time (with dollars to spare, because I live quite cheaply!)

    I am much happier to be on the "good" side of e-publishing than the "urk" side ;) I am also flattered you have been keeping tabs on my writing! Rosy cheeks for all! :) And thank you very much for saying my writing has improved... I want to strive to always be better!

    @Michael: Mother Nature hates the Midwest! We are supposed to have two days without rain - I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In the one-hour dry window yesterday we mowed our jungle of a front yard. We use a Reel-mower (no gas, hand pushed) and the grass was too big to cut! We had to use the gas mower to whack it all down :( Thanks for your congrats.

    All: Your comments and well-wishing are much appreciated! Thanks so much!

  5. That's awesome! I have yet to receive any fan mail. Come to think of it, I don't think I've posted my email anywhere to GET fan mail. Either way, you beat me to the punch on fan mail. :-)

    Awesome to see your positive reviews! Three Before Dark just received a 4 star review a week or so ago. I was ecstatic about that.

    Good times!


  6. @Nick: I have a contact page in all my works :) It leads to this blog, my e-mail, and my release blog!

    Congrats on the 4-star! Look at the two of us :)