Friday, July 20, 2012

On the Twelfth Day...

So last time I posted, it was about finishing the short story, "Need".  Twelve days later, and I just wrote another short story, "Moebied."  It's 1,247 words long... about a thirdish the length of "Need".  I also have another unpublished short I wrote awhile back called "Singularity."  Now I'm puzzled as to which to submit for Writer's of the Future!  Obviously I'd like to submit my best work.  I'd like to get two or three beta readers for "Moebied", if anyone's interested?

Well, I'm happy to be writing again.  :)  Twelve days is a much shorter break than er... three months.

I was really interested in joining 52 Shades of Short Stories.  I still am, actually, even though I'm coming in mid-year (but it was really only started mid-year hehe).  I wrote "Need" on 7-8, a Sunday, which I could say started that week.  Now I wrote "Moebied" today (Friday), which is technically the next week.  That makes me two for two weeks ;)

Hmm, it might be pushing it next week to be three for three hehe, but we'll see!  Anyway, yay writing :)

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