Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dead (From the Bronchial Tubes, Up)

So some of you might have noticed that my word count hasn't budged in a few days.  I came down with some horrible, ucky chest and sinus mess that floored me pretty hard.  My temp was up in the 101 range and I was in and out of nightmares for at least one day.  Looking at my writing chart, I see I haven't written in six days, including today and honestly, I didn't even know six days had gone by.

But I'm recovering now, down mostly to an intermittent cough that catches me by surprise every time, and thick, gross-looking phlegm that decides to exit my sinuses in batches.

As for myself, I'm just glad that the "I'm drinking broken glass every time I swallow" feeling has receded 95% to just a mildly irritated throat.  It literally made me cry, it hurt so bad.  (I have really big tonsils that go crazy when I get sick.)

But I have plans to get back on that writing wagon, and I'm only about 12k words behind my goal!  No sweat!