Thursday, March 17, 2011

Traveling Author Stomp (TrAuSt Tour)

In the interest of cross-pollination and Irish music (as it IS St. Patty's Day) I've decided to try and bring together a number of authors for guest posts/interviews.

However, I hate the word "blog" so I've left that out of the title :)

Also, since I'm setting this up, I get to make the rules. Woo!

1. Do not put "blog" in the title. (Check!)

2. Updates to the TrAuSt Tour shall be posted on Wednesdays, and Wednesdays shall be the day the TrAuSt Tour posts.

3. Authors may choose either an interview or a guest post for their appearance.

4. Authors may re-appear on the same blog no sooner than 5 posts after an appearance. (IE: Guest post, 5 weeks later - interview).

5. A Twitter account (shudder) shall be created and maintained by me (double shudder). The tag is: TrAuStTour. Follow accordingly!

6. At the very minimum, authors who appear on my site for the TrAuSt Tour must re-tweet and mention their appearance on their own site (blog, facebook).

7. Authors whom appear here on the TrAuSt Tour should host at least one (1) TrAuSt guest on their own site, with a link back to here for the rules :)

Sound fun? Anyone who would like to join, kindly submit a request to: JEMedrickBooks(at)

I intend for Tour Posts to begin March 23rd, 2011.


  1. Hi J.E.! Sorry it took so long for me to comment, we're having some internet trouble at my house and the connection has been sporadic at best!

    I'd love to be a part of the TrAuSt Tour. And, of course, anyone who wants to be a part of it is welcome to ocntact me for a spot on my blog as well, just as you say on this blog.


    One More Day

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  3. Try again with internal spell checking engaged.

    Don't yet see the twitter tag as a name: 'TrAuStTour'

    Pleased to be following, and would like to be up for the interview.

  4. @Nick: Okay, we'll put you on the list :) Right now I'm in an anthology (Twelve Worlds) that will be coming out next month. Lining up authors in that as the first couple posts.

    @Tony: Really? :( K. Gorman and Edward Cote are already following. I'm not much of a Twitterer... is there a way to send invites? :P How about this: