Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 2011 Sales Update (Updated with Conversion)

Okay, I'll be honest, I've wanted to post a sales update since about Mid-may. I had an exceptional month - my best so far! So here's my sales chart and I'll break down some info for you :)

My May sales totaled 21 units. That is a whopping 250% increase in sales! (Total was 350% of previous month's sales.)

Since I put my first book up for sale in February, I have sold 40 units. 21 of those were in May! (52.5%)

"Coward" exploded out of the gate this month with 6 sales in 5 days! Well, 6 isn't actually an explosion, but since my total for last month's sales were 6, it was impressive to me :)

I have noticed an exciting trend. I have random single sales of "Cheat". Then, a few days later, I see sales of all following titles in the IH series. So, "Cheat" only has 3.5 stars on Amazon at the moment, but it's interesting enough for people to want to continue reading :)

I have more YA titles than anything. HOWEVER, I submitted that piece to 12 Worlds and I really think it's helping sales of "Shackled". Whereas April saw no sales, May had 3!

In April I made $2.10 in royalties. In May, $12.56. That is almost a 500% increase :P Not hardly a living wage yet, but can you imagine if that increase stayed month to month...!!

This chart doesn't reflect it, but since about mid-April, I have never gone more than 5 days without a sale.

In April I averaged .2 sales/day. In May, .68! That is a 240% increase in sales per day :) Though, I will freak out when that number reaches at least 1/day!

B&N got in the game this time! I had 5 sales on their platform :)

Best-selling rank so far:
#1 - Cheat, 14
#2 - Shackled, 11
#3 - Liar, 8
#4 - Coward, 7

Update: I forgot to post the conversion rates, so I want to do that now :)
The conversion from Cheat > Liar was 14 > 8, about 58%. That is up from 37.5% conversion in April. Awesome!

From Liar > Coward, 8 > 7, 87.5%!! That's great! This number is a little skewed. I know at least one person that bought Coward on 2 platforms because they are an awesome fan :) So if I take that into account, the conversion is actually 8 > 6, still 75%!

I would like to aim for at least 50% conversion, with 75% being the ideal. (I think 100% will be unrealistic.) So the Cheat > Liar realized that goal and Liar > Coward blew it out of the water! Maybe my writing is getting better? :)

My last notes:
I like to picture myself standing in the trough of April, craning my neck at the angle of my total line for May. I imagine my head tipping back, back, and further back until I fall. It makes me smile :)

I had a nagging fear I wouldn't see any sales in June until "Thief" released. June 1st, I had my first sale for June, so I'm not skunked! I am pleased :)

Due, in part, to the large jump, I am making my goals for June modest. My achievable goal is 25, my happy goal is 30 and my excitement goal is 50!


  1. That's great. And I see that trend only getting better and better!

  2. Whoo-hoo! Way to rock it JE!!! Congrats girl!

    Angeline Kace

  3. Hey, very cool. Definitely moving in the right direction. :) Glad to see things are going well.

    Michael Kingswood