Friday, April 6, 2012

Year-on-Year, March 2012

For the first two months of this year, my YoY looked pretty good, the numbers were higher than 2011, at least. I now have 13 published items: 1 novel, 6 novellas, 1 novelette, 1 omnibus, 4 short stories.

Here is my loverly chart:

As you may notice, my sales for March of this year were exactly the same for my sales in March of last year (2011). I was hoping for at least 1 more sale... it would be wonderful to have three months of growth... but I can settle for "same". For the year, I am still technically "up". I have high hopes for April, because I like to think with 13 titles I can beat a sales record of SIX! Starting in May is when I think I'll be really worried...

Another nice thing: my BBoS (Big Box of Shame, the brown box that Amazon puts across your sales chart when you have zero sales/the new month starts) is ALREADY gone for April! Yaysies :) A copy of "Shackled" moved, which I'll explain why that's interesting further on...

Also, 2 of the 3 months this year, I received royalty checks, which is of course, FANTASTIC ;)

Another thing of note (not pictured in this chart), 4 of my 9 sales (44%) were for my highest priced items at $3.99 and $4.99. In the end, sales are just a number until you can actually do something with the money you earn. I would have to sell 8.06 short stories to equal 1 copy of my $3.99 sold. 10.08 to match the $4.99. Ultimately, selling less was actually more for me (than if these had all be $0.99 shorts).

That really reinforces for me that I need to get one of these novels-in-progress finished! Not only for higher royalties, but because people really do seem to buy them at a better clip. It's a little sad, as I seem to be mastering short stories with every passing day :P

Speaking of which, a few days ago I finished up another short tentatively named, "Singularity". I'm considering turning it in for the Writer's of the Future contest, introduced to me by my good friend Kingswood but I haven't been able to grab him yet to question him about it. (Are you reading this? :P)

So I guess the only thing to do is get crackin' back at it!


  1. Good work, JE. As we all say, more titles! And thank you for letting us see the details. I just wish I ad some to share LOL.

    Keep going, good things will come.

    1. ... wish I had some...

    2. Don't worry, I just figured you went with the British accent to emphasize your point. Eh, Guv'na? Jolly good.

  2. Nicely done, JE! I agree, get to work on those novels and get those up; even though I only have two out, they each bring in more money than any other title, by far. And I wasn't selling them consistently until the second one came out.