Friday, March 15, 2013

The 100,000th Miss

So, interestingly enough, looking at my word count goal, on Pi Day (3-14) I was supposed to have already written 20% of my word count goal, or 100,000 words.

Whoopsie, sadly, I got about a third of that.  So, I'm pretty behind as far as the word count goes.  However, we (seem to have) had a break-through with the neighbors - they've at least been quiet today!  And I have taken full advantage of that by writing my little fingers off.  I'm hoping to clock at least 3000 words today.  We have some plans to eat dinner with the beau's parents, and I agreed to help my mom out by taking my bros to school for their band contest (tenor sax and trombone).  They're going to be wearing TUXES!  That makes me laugh and laugh, we're really not a very dressy family ;)  Not to say we don't clean up nice, but I think my bros would agree that we like to kick back and relax an usually high amount.

But -around- all that, I'm getting the writing done ;)  This post is in the interval between two chapters, as I shed that last idea and fully grasp the next one.

I don't know how it is for other authors, but I can say when I have an idea I need to get out, it just runs around and around in my head.  And after I've written it, it goes silent and thankful at being expressed.  And then the next one comes up :)  Since I've been so interrupted recently, ideas have been crowding and crowding.  It's a relief to release some of them :)

If everything manages to go swimmingly today and tomorrow, there's a good chance I could crack the 40k mark.  Here's hoping!


  1. Sounds like you're doing okay, no matter the goal you set. Goals always seem to be set on a blank canvas, and our lives are seldom like that.

    Best to your bros, in their tuxes and highly polished instruments. Enjoy the music--I hope they're far enough along that it sounds like music. I've lived through the "Jones School Band" long enough to have sympathy for anyone else who has to do that!

    1. Sounds like the band scored a "1", which apparently is the best and means they're going to state! So proud of them!