Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What the Heart Wants

I haven't gotten much writing done this month, and I can sum up in one word why: Neighbors.  We've had such a hassle with them that aside from calling out the police, we've also had an appointment at the prosecutor's office.  Yes.  THAT bad.  They are disrespectful and disruptive.  We are doing our best to take the high ground.  Unfortunately that may lead us directly into the courtroom.  I'd have to say that would sadden me considerably.  It's really only one member of that family that causes 100% of the disruptions.  His wife seems quite charming, and their little girl is friendly and adorable.  I am almost positive that she doesn't know what goes on when she isn't home.  (She works and he stays home on "disability".  It breaks my heart when he goes out to cause disruptions - and even over that, I can hear the little girl wailing from inside the house.)

On a separate note, I had the craziest dream last night.  In it, I had teamed up with the always glorious Jennifer at Bookden in a campaign called "Harvest for Knowledge".  Her website promoted my books (specifically the IH series), with half the profits going to a campaign to bring books to people who might otherwise not have access to them.  The remembering is a little blurry, but basically, they could buy food or textbooks, and by buying them the books it let them buy food (hence harvest + knowledge).  Anyway, we were at 2 million of our 3 million books sold (!!!) and I got a big fat royalty check (even at 50%) and we were able to move away from our horrible neighbors.

So, I've heard dreams reflect your inner thoughts, things you'd like to see done, and I can't think of a single thing in that dream that wouldn't be enjoyable.  Working with Bookden?  Hell yeah!  Bringing food/knowledge to those in need?  YES.  Moving to a better location? :D

Now, how to set about getting this done...

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  1. I totally didn't see this in March, but I'm seeing it now! :D I LOVE that dream! Aw, we would make a great team.