Sunday, June 12, 2011


My last post was sort of negative and sorry for that. I know it's not fun to read (though I hope you enjoyed the little story I whipped up for it, if not the message).

Some other big stuff has happened, to put me in a calmer mindset. But I'd like to share one of my favorite "Downtime" past times.

When I need a break from life, I often turn to fiction of all sorts. While I don't watch TV, at these moments I sometimes even use IT to just give my brain a chance to relax and breathe.

So from Wednesday until today, I watched something in the range of 16 episodes of Dead Zone, finally finishing out the series. I also watched a couple of episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and about a quarter of the movie Fat Head though it was not very exciting. (Hence, only a quarter.)

I also saw Alice in Wonderland, the Tim Burton one, and loved it. As in Willy Wonka, Depp's character gave me chills. He was just a farking loon. I don't understand why this movie got such a bad rep, because I thought it was pretty amazing. Though, the Red Queen's (Tim Burton's wife!) oversized head was a bit much, and the White Queen's incessant fluttering about was irritating... Snape as Absulum was AMAZING. He just has an incredible voice. If I ever write the creepiest book I can imagine, I absolutely want him to be the voice actor :P

Also, as you may have gleaned, I am terrible with names (even of actors I like) so they are referred to as their characters :P

Also saw Just Go With It (which I really thought would be better, but I give it a 2/5 stars). Also saw I Am Number 4. The movie was good, 4/5 stars worthy... but I will have to give it a 3/5 stars. There was too much "jargon" related to the universe, and unexplained things right away that I felt detracted from the story because I felt I didn't know what was going on. (Have not read the book.)

Watching Alice gave me a craving to watch Sweeney Todd for the sixth time... but haven't done so yet.

Also went swimming with the dog and played water fetch (because tennis balls float) and it was a smashing success. I would even say, it went swimmingly!

Other than that am reading and pondering a second job...

I think everyone needs downtime for their brain to reset and recharge. I'll be back to the grind soon enough, but for now I'm still sort of floating along in an apathetic, just five more minutes mindset.

Well, tomorrow's Monday. We'll see what happens then!

(And thanks to everyone for the support you threw my way after the last post. You guys are pretty amazing and I appreciate you!)


  1. That's great that you took a break--and more importantly, that you recognized that you needed a break! I'll all about keeping my nose to the grindstone, but everybody just needs to relax once in a while. Hope things are going well!


  2. We all need a vacation every now and then. Even just a stay-cation. Sometimes those are the best, truth be told.


    Keep on trucking.

  3. Great post, and oh so relevant to my life at the moment, hahaha.

    Things are much calmer now, but for a while there it was worthy of a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, with the new house coming and improvements in sales and my own college adventures, my life in a vocational sense is getting better and better. My family is already awesome, and they are a huge support for me when I get down.

    I liked your last post, enjoyed the little story in there.

    We saw Pirates 4 a couple weeks ago and I have to say I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. It's not Shakespeare, but then the first three weren't either. They're good, clean(ish) fun.

    I want to see Super 8 now though. That movie looks awesome!

    Great to hear things are looking up for you now J!



  4. @James: From being out in the world and meeting people from different cultures, I have to say I think Americans are incredibly high-strung. They need to learn to relax more - not just sit around and do nothing, but quality, enjoyable relaxation.

    @Michael: HAH! Stay-cation! That's going into my vocabulary :) I will keep truckin', you too!

    @Nick: I am squirmy to see Green Lantern. It drops this weekend. YAY! Things are what we make them, and I'm trying to make them good! We'll see how it goes :) Congrats again on your jump in sales!