Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Icarus Helix Episode 4: "Thief" (Sneak Peek!)

Well, May 2011 is closing out in about half an hour for me. In preparation to herald in June, why not drop a sneak peek of the cover for the piece I'm releasing next month? :)

So without too much preamble, let me introduce you to Mason Schaefer. Can you guess his power...? ;)

IH Episode #4: "Thief"


  1. That's awesome! I think that's my favourite cover so far (but they're all terrific)

  2. Peter beat me to it! That's easily the best cover so far, IMHO! Very cool!

  3. @Peter: Jeroen is really getting into the zone with this series! His covers get better and better! I'm excited because they're so different from his other covers (about blood, guns, sex, etc). It really shows his range!

    @J: Thanks! Jeroen is a great cover artist!

    @Angeline: Yay!~ Thanks :)

  4. That's an awesome cover. It's definitely the most intriguing one yet.

    Still working on what I'm going to do with No Sunrise. No clue yet. Might have to talk to Jeroen ;-)



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  5. @Nick: He comes highly recommended!! :)

  6. It's a great cover. The series just gets stronger with each book (not because the first book was less well done, but because my investment in the characters grows the more I learn about them) and I'm really looking forward to book 4.

  7. Thanks so much for saying so, Tara! I hope everyone has the same enthusiasm :)