Friday, June 3, 2011


I hear it's common for writers (and intellectuals) to want to spend time alone. I also hear we are insomniacs. I find this to be true - in the dark, quiet hours of the night, when the rest of the world has finally shut the **** up, I can think and concentrate without ridiculous interruptions.

I love my fiance - very much so! But I do not want to spend every waking moment with him. I am just this way. I love my dog, and my favorite books, but I do not want to play frisbee all day or re-read the same book over and over. I want new things, and alone time.

My fiance is part of Rausamea. To put it very bluntly - it is a bunch of people that wrap PCP pipe in thick foam and then beat the daylights out of each other in mock medieval battles. They have realms, crests, knightings, huge battles, realms fight other realms... it's very involved. (But essentially, daylights + beating.)

Of course I worry about him when he does these things. He's accident and large-surgery prone. Someone could hit him in the head, or he could get thrown/trampled in a charge (YES, that is a real danger). But I know he enjoys it. I think it helps him get that natural man-ness out, the need to beat up on something. It's also really good exercise for him, he sometimes wears a REAL SHIRT of CHAINMAIL, plus carrying the shield, swinging the sword...

But I really like when he goes, because I have the house all to myself. He won't walk around randomly singing Club Villain at the top of his lungs. (Or WORSE, Orphan Tears.) I have some nice relaxation time to myself, and better - time to write.

He went to a spur-of-the-moment fight on Thursday (he normally fights Wednesdays). He was kind about it - asking me if it was alright.

When he came home, he said he had a story to tell me, and it went something like this:

"The guy I rode with said, 'Man, it's getting late. I really better get home to my wife.' Then another guy said, 'Yeah, my wife is gonna kill me for being out so late.' A third man chimed in and said, 'My girlfriend gets pretty angry when I'm out too late. (sigh) I better go, too.'"

I (my fiance) looked at the other three men and said, "When I left the house, my fiancee said, 'Bye! Have a good time!' She likes her alone time and is glad when I'm out of the house."

Almost simultaneously, the three other guys turned extremely serious and in unison said, "KEEP HER."

This story (especially because it is a hobojillion percent true) makes me laugh, and laugh.

And laugh.


  1. I couldn't agree more about needing the quiet time. My daughter doesn't care when I say, "Okay, Daddy's writing."

    She just goes ahead anyway, "Can you read me a story?"
    "Can I tell you a story?"
    "Are you writing about scary stuff?"

    She's lucky she's cute lol!

  2. @Peter: Haha! That's cute! How old is she? I don't have any kids, but I have a 10-month old puppy. Sometimes he just keeps sticking his head in my lap, on my leg, in my face, rolling around, chewing loudly on his toys, whining, etc to get my attention!

    But most of the time he's quiet and is happy to sleep in the same room where I am (because I play with him everyday!) Thank goodness for that! (And that he can't actually talk :P)

  3. She is six. Her name is Dani. I have two boys also (Aidan, almost 9, and Owen, who is 2).

    The little munchkins are half the reason I've been slow getting anything finished. Once I start something if I don't get a good rhythm going I might not get back to it. I once managed to finish a novel but when I went to rewrites it was such a mess that I've never gone back to it.

    Since then it's been tough with the kids getting more and more time consuming. But don't let that scare you off having little ones. I would give up my world of dreams for my kids. It helps having a great partner who will give you time to write (which sounds like you have with your fiance), even if it's not as much I would like. The day will come when they're all in school and I can focus on writing more during the day (my regular job...a subway at night)

    Man, I'm totally taking over your comments section here! ha! But being the Supreme Commander of the JEM FAN CLUB allows me a little leeway! ;)

    Later 'skater