Thursday, July 7, 2011

Icarus Helix Episode 5: "Thug" (Sneak Peek!)


"Thug" releases on the 27th of this month. Are you excited? I am! The Point of View (PoV) is a little different in "Thug". Exciting stuff happens :D

Here's something kind of fun I want to talk about: covers. I think the relationship an author has with their cover artist is a very important thing. Yes, you can hire some stranger to design the face of your baby, but wouldn't you rather have someone who understands your vision and wants to further it?

I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have Jeroen ten Berge as my cover artist. Not only is he easy to joke around with, but he has a real passion for his work that I think shines through.

I probably can't draw my way out of a wet paper bag. Unless I'm tracing, then I might have a chance.

I especially can't draw with a computer. (You may have noticed.)

So when Jeroen and I were discussing the cover for "Thug", I wasn't sure if my words were getting my point across. "Here," I exclaimed. "Let me draw you a picture!"

Here is what ensued:

I have to admit, even as I sent it, I thought to myself, "If he can't tell what's going on here..." and then I bent over double with laughter. Because honestly, if he couldn't tell what was happening in that picture... he was probably on board with just about everyone else in the entire world, save myself. In the end, he cracked up over my horrible picture as well :P


He's amazing.

So here (with an idea of what the story is about) is what he turned my monstrosity into:

Didn't I tell you he was good?

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