Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Icarus Helix Episode 6: "Frigid" (Sneak Peek!)

I would love to know everyone's thoughts :D


  1. Love it! But I have to catch up! Haven't read Thug yet!


  2. I dig the cover. Although I must confess that, my mind being continually in the gutter, the title screamed a more mature topic than I think you intended.


    I'll just go back to my little corner now.

    Michael Kingswood

  3. @Peter: Yes! This is one of my favs! <3

    @Joe: Hope you enjoy "Thug" :)

    @Michael: Really? I didn't even think anything of that sort until you said so. But, maybe that's because I know what the story's about and it just doesn't go there. Perhaps you _should_ return to your corner :P