Friday, September 9, 2011

Caring About Jimmy

One of the fun things about traveling about is that you get to try local or new foods.

Have you ever heard the little song, "Jimmy cracked corn, and I don't care!" I always thought this meant yellow corn (and maybe it does) but today it occurred to me - it might mean black peppercorns.

Two things I really enjoy are turkey and black pepper. Imagine my surprise when a lunch meat called "Cracked Black Peppercorn Turkey" showed up in the fridge. I had to know... was it any good?

I was hesitant - it looked weird. Almost dirty. But the smell of the peppercorns hit me as the bag opened and I was almost instantly sold.

I care if Jimmy cracked black peppercorns all over my turkey.

Because it's about the best durn lunch meat I've ever eaten!!

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