Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Suckiness of Man

Today we left my house and went down a few streets to pick up some dinner. I happened to check my watch on my way out the door and it took us less than 15 minutes to return home.

In that time, my car, in my driveway was broken into, all the change was stolen, the glove box was completely emptied and rifled through and my Tom Tom GPS and cord (but not the window mount?) was stolen.

Fifteen minutes to return home and feel utterly violated, scared, furious, depressed, heart-broken. Andy bought me that GPS. I use it - need it - for work.

I don't care about the change. They probably got about 75 cents. I'm poor. I don't have money to leave lying around. But you come onto my property, get into MY car, steal MY gifts? Then you leave my car door open, so my battery runs down from the overhead light (that's how we knew someone had been in the car in the first place), like you're leaving some sort of message that you have the dominance and the right to take my valuables? And when we ask the neighbors, we find at least two other cars have been broken into the past few days? (Way to drop the ball, neighbors, if you'd said something to us, I'd have locked my doors. At least I informed other neighbors!)

I don't swear on here often, but I hope the police catch those fucking jackasses and they get what's coming to them. There is no cause for this sort of violation.

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