Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm going over some work in preparation for THE THUNDERSTORM. (I laugh every time I type that, like it's being announced in a wrestling ring.)

Dates are not of a concern to me, yet. I'm aiming to finish the pieces, first ;)

So far, here is what is releasing (during THE THUNDERSTORM, hahaha!)

Short: Disappear, 2895
Short: Hooded, 2524

I went back over "Hooded" today, and honestly, it's one of my favorite stories that I've ever written. Am I aloud to say that? I just did. Something about the style, there, that speaks to me. I'm not sure others will agree with me. In going over it, I added about 100 words. Now it feels "really" done. (Part of the reason I haven't previously published it was it felt slightly unfinished.)

For myself, seeing "Hooded" completed makes me feel like I've grown as a writer :) (Am I aloud to say that?!?)



  1. Hooded is the one you showed me on Google Docs a few months back, isn't it? Yeah that one was pretty cool. :)

    Michael Kingswood

  2. Yes, I polished the very ending and it feels better to me :) Thanks for saying it was cool!

  3. Shiy,

    re: our conversation last night about sales or lack thereof, check out this post:


    I think he's pretty close to on the money in a lot of his analysis.

    Michael Kingswood

  4. That was a very interesting article, and thank you for sharing!! Just gotta keep putting out products. Lots and lots of products...

    Why does this sound so agonizingly familiar...? ;)