Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So... Many... Ideas...

I have so many things lined up to write, they are practically begging me to let them free. I know I should sit down and work through them one at a time and get them done, like they deserve.

So of course I did the most irresponsible thing today and spent my writing time working on a short story I just thought of today :P

With the horrible title of "Futurescope" it clocked in at 1,305 words. Now I have to decide what to do with it, haha. It feels a little too short to publish alone, and quite cliff-hangery in that there should be more to the story. I'm done with it as far as today goes, maybe I will go back to it and fill it out more, but I wrote it almost straight through and it feels like that was where it needed to end.

It's definitely the beginning of... something. I feel like if I publish it, I should do so with a disclaimer that I intend to go back and write more.

Anyone interested in a read?

Ah well, how's everyone else's writing going?


  1. Hi, JE. I'd be happy to take a look. Point me in the direction. However, be warned: I'll send back my feelings.

    As far as my work, I'm a little bamboozled ATM, trying to figure out what my characters are attempting to get thru my think head. Ah, well, truth will out!

    thanks. I follow with interest.

  2. Thanks, Tony! I added you to a Google Doc :)