Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Now Available: "Nightmare"

Been pretty busy lately, sorry I haven't been stopping in much! Just wanted y'all to know that I uploaded my newest novelette, "Nightmare" this week!

Lisa Maynard's son is every sort of problem child. When she receives a mysterious letter from someone called the "King of Nightmares", she thinks it's a prank by Joseph. But the promise is sweet - a child that will "never, never give you grief again." But how much is prank, and how much is promise fulfilled...

Clocking in at almost 11,000 words this is my 13th release! And, I've met my monthly release goal - I'm 3/3 so far this year! :D (Waaaaay behind on word count though haha.)


  1. Hey! *Picks her up and swings about a turn or two* Congrats on three for three! Now work out the words. And Edit.

    thanks for sharing.

    1. Someone's read My Pledge ;)

      Yeah, I figured it out and I'm actually supposed to be somewhere around 125,000 words written so far... yikes...

      Only over 100k behind, that's not to bad... right...?...