Monday, December 28, 2009


I have to say, I've really enjoyed the writing of the last couple of days. I had two characters in a "situation" (which is really what writing is, right... a series of situations and solutions), and their own little piece of the world was very exciting for me. But the fallout of these actions, and then more characters getting drawn in, and it grows and evolves... really it's been so exciting for me! I hope my readers catch my same sense of anticipation.

When I write, scenes just unfold in my head. I try to get them down as fast as possible, because that's my framework. I want enough that when I go back in a week, or a year, I can see that same scene unfold. But this is where editing comes in. The raw form of a story is never going to be the final form of the story. Maybe a lot of it is, but there are always bits and pieces that you can make better, more understandable, more... pictureable. (Yeah, that's right, sometimes I'm a wordsmith.)

I have to mention, I'm reading a book right now and it's terrible. But, my Kindle told me I'd already finished 76% of it, when I was ready to give up, and it seems like I should just go ahead and finish it if I'm already that far. Now at 84%, I feel even more that I should finish and get it over with, but I can't pick it up long enough to do that, and I don't want to start something else because then I'd have to come back to this story I've determined to finish. I find that very depressing. I've read 800 page books in 2 days because they were spectacular and interesting. Now I'm struggling to get through this one, like some badge of honor. I will tell you truly, every cliched line, every poor description and obvious plot point that makes me cringe, I reinforce my own belief to edit, edit, and edit again, until I can put out something I can truly be proud of.

So, the numbers so far:
3Tera: 11,889, Goal: 90,000. Progress: 13.2%

3Tera: 17,847, Goal: 90,000. Progress: 19.8%

Well, that sounds about right. If I'd updated on Monday, I'd probably be about 2% more ahead. Wow, almost 1/5 of the framework done!

That's even more exciting!!

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