Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My intent here, is to keep a record of my progress. Too often, I drift away from my stories, stranding my characters in the mundane motions of the everyday life. Sometime later they come knocking (kon kon kon) on the inside of my skull saying, "Hey, remember me? How does my story end? Do I live? Die? Get the girl? Learn a valuable lesson?" I feel a little sorry for these characters, and I'd really like to take them by the hand, and put them where they belong.

I don't expect to update this blog so often, but I'd like to aim for at least once a week (I'm being very optimistic by that). And, in-between those updates, I want to do the actual writing that claws away my peace of mind until I sit down and let those characters run free - even if only for 300 words.

So, here is the progress, as I see it now:
The UB's: 701 words, Goal: 100,000. Progress: <1%
Fire: 805 words, Goal: 125,000. Progress: <1%
3Tera: 6,761 words, Goal: 90,000. Progress: 7.5%
Indian: 8 pages handwritten, Goal: 95,000. Progress: --
The Savior: Synopsis only
The History: Timeline only

And finally, 2 collaborations that I'm mulling over. I hope to hear back about one this month, and maybe start the other late next year.

This progress is anything I could possibly turn back to by December 2010. As you can see, 3Tera has the most progress... but the last time I worked on it was easily more than a month ago. Whereas, I worked on Indian at least last month, but it only exists in an obscure notebook I carry in my bag. The time between the entries for that story sometimes stretches more than a month (I date my entries).

Here's hoping I get my butt in gear.


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