Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Have Made Some Progress!

So the story I'm currently involved in, broke 22k today.

I am incredibly, wait let me emphasize INCREDIBLY excited about this number.  Actually, I was excited yesterday when I broke 20k and I'll tell you why :)

I send my story to my Kindle so I can read through it, and see how it formats to the screen.  It's really nice for me, because LCD screens are nice and wonderful, but after writing (and staring at them for hours at a time), my eyes just plain hurt.  I love my Kindle because it's no more strenuous than reading a printed book.  I think E-ink is absolutely amazing technology.  Plus, with my Kindle I can make the words bigger as I get tired, or even have the text-to-speech read to me, though sometimes it's quite hilarious.

Also, I feel undeniably proud of figuring out some of the Kindle formatting on my lonesome.  The day I put in a table of contents that actually linked the chapters of my book by clicking on them... pure gold.

Okay, but now that I've shared my Kindlelove (as I hear all Kindle owners do sooner or later) I'll get back to why I'm so proud of my 20k hit.

I feel a little bit like I can measure my progress by the tiny little dots on my Kindle screen.  When you have a manuscript of some kind, it gets a standard number of dots.  As you read the books, the dots darken, and you can see roughly where you are in the book from the home page.  Yesterday, my dots got a little longer... that is to say, my story is long enough to be longer than the standard (nine or so) dots Kindle gives any piece of work set to it.  While I only gained about one dot, I pranced about the house and forced my fiance to look at it.

It was a moment of glory.


  1. Well done on your progress. :) As far as the goofy text-to-speech, it might come in handy later for editing. It's amazing the things I catch (and you might also) by hearing your words spoken by someone else.

    Good luck with your goals. :)