Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Posts in Two Days? A Christmas Miracle.

I worked today, from 11am until about 7.30pm.  It was a long shift.  I drove over 100 miles.  I came home to my adorable puppy having had diarrhea all over his crate... after we just gave him a bath for peeing in his crate yesterday >.<  He was doing so well!  The new (big boy!) crate seems to really be stressing him out though.  He didn't have any accidents last night, I guess it was just too much yesterday, with both of us at work and he couldn't go out.

I kept him up with me (out of his crate) while I wrote today.  He did pretty well sleeping under my chair.  He has diarrhea, but he's so energetic all the time!  We played fetch for a combined 45 minutes easy today.  He usually only lasts about 10.  I don't know what's up with him.  I took him on a couple of trips outside while I wrote today.  I want to prevent an accident for tonight!  I also put his old bed from his old crate in with him.  We had to take it out because he chewed the hell out of it and stuffing got everywhere.  Maybe something familiar will help calm him down.  (also easier to clean than removing the crate bottom)  He seems to be laying on it fine.

I did fantastically today, got 2 chapters, over 2k words in :)  I'm less than 700 words from 25k!!! That's my 50% mark and I'm absolutely excited about it.  Also, I got an extra dot on my Kindle today.  Dot of achievement yay :D

I mentioned I was so excited about the dot, but left out part of precisely why.  I have A Christmas Carol on my Kindle at the moment.  I think it's a great story.  Lots of people know it, it's been redone in a hundred ways, and the original story itself is pretty amazing.  When I got my extra dot, I was officially longer than that story.  For some reason that was a landmark in my head.  Still is...  I'm longer than it!

I'll be heading to bed soon.  I'm putting a few of my other favorite books on my Kindle right now, so I can compare our lengths :3  Hmm... that sounds a little dirty...

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