Thursday, December 30, 2010

Four Chapters in Two Days? What? What?

Well, I didn't hit that third chapter today, but I still feel very good with the progress I made.  I didn't only break 25k... I smashed it in the face with a big, meaty fist.

The New Year is coming, and I want to publish by February.  That being said, sometime after tomorrow, I will have to think about ordering cover art.  I have someone in mind, and I know about how much it will cost, but scraping together that number of dollar bills is going to be a pain in my... wallet.

The puppy seems to be doing okay.  He slept a lot today.  I don't blame him.  We took him off his Kibble and he got a lot of water, Pedialite, and chicken broth.  I gave him a little bit of Kibble late in the night, feeling guilty about the liquid diet, but he needed his little puppy tummy to reset.  Looks like we're not out of the park yet - but he has a vet visit coming up soon, and he's not unhealthy in any other way.  He's sleeping just fine in his new crate, and from what I've read, it shouldn't be a problem unless it lasts more than a couple more days.  He actually walked in and out of his crate on his own today: a very good sign!

I have a horrible shift again tomorrow: 11am - 8pm, though I will probably end up there until after 9 again.  Why does everyone want pizza on New Year's? :P  I am just unbelievably grateful that I don't have to close and can spend some time with my fiance, ringing in the New Year.

They say you spend the rest of the year doing whatever you're doing at the start of the New Year.  I hope to be devoting time to the ones I care about, and maybe sneaking some writing in ;)  My family is German, so I am especially looking forward to my pork and sauerkraut (a horrible invention if there ever was one) on Saturday.  Thankfully, my mom puts a measure of brown sugar in our sauerkraut, making it actually somewhat edible (at least enough for the bite for good luck).  Yay :)

26,540/50,000;  53.08%!!!

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