Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today marks the release of "Emergence
", omnibus #1 of the Icarus Helix series.

This is GIMUNGOUS news!!! "Emergence" is priced at $5.99 - almost a 40% discount from buying the episodes individually. This is great for everyone involved! :D

For those that would love to be fantabulous people and help spread the word - tagging, posting, tweeting, etc, it would be more than appreciated... it would be GROOVIFURCATED! (And also, thank you, thank you, thank you!)


  1. No guilt intended! But I do, very much, appreciate the mentions on FB and your blog! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! (The extra exclamations should fully inform you of my gratitude.)

  2. I tweeted it for you, and will put it in my blog, too.
    Thanks, and keep writing and sharing.