Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back in Town, Feverishly Trying to Get Caught Up

We're back. Long story short: she's recovering with grim prospects. Going to leave it at that.

In _fantastic_ news, "Shackled" sold a copy today, breaking it's almost 50 (fifty!) day no-sale streak. I think I hurt myself initially by pricing it too high out of the gate. It's been languishing, but I'm considering having a sale to get people to try it. Though, since it's out of New Releases, I'd have to find some other way to get the word out. So much to do, so little time...

I'm behind on "Coward" but will make a big push tomorrow and Thursday to get where I want to stand. I should probably call off work tomorrow, but really cannot afford to miss more than the two days I already missed :(

Anyway, home safe and sound. Picking up the cat from mom's tomorrow. Dog came with us and was remarkably well behaved in the 10-hour ride down there and the 14-hour ride back!! Yay, dog!


  1. Glad to see you're back! You're welcome on my blog anytime to talk about Shackled or any of your other projects. :-)



  2. @Nick: Thank you! I might take you up on that in the near future :)

  3. Thanks! I will definitely take you up on that if I get even a moment of breathing room ;)