Friday, December 2, 2011

Incompatible, Live!

Wonderful, fantastic news :)

THE THUNDERSTORM (Krakakow!), release 3 is now LIVE! "Incompatible" (formerly known as "Roadtrap") is ready on Amazon and soon B&N.

Loving someone means accepting them as they are... and all the crazy they carry with them.

When lovestruck Matt springs himself as Valerie's second in a visit to her parents, he realizes he may never have known her, after all...

This is a short story, approximately 3,500 words.


  1. Hey JE; congratulations and nice work--great cover (again), BTW.

    I have to say, however that I totally don't get what you're trying to say with the phrase "springs himself as Valerie's second in a visit to her parents". Is a word missing?

  2. No words missing :) He surprises her by taking vacation time and telling her he's coming with her to visit her parents. But saying all that is boring, and long-winded. Instead, I opted for the shorter version you see above :)