Friday, April 1, 2011

Call for Editors

Hello again, dearies.

I am wickedly interested in using Google docs to write a story, and give editors access. I have a dark, paranormal piece in mind. Would any of you lovelies be interested in participating in this adventure? You will be able to read my work for free :)

Plus, you can snigger over my first draft...

The final won't be long. It's a short piece, probably 10-20k. I hope to publish it as a single, if I feel the length warrants. (Else, I will couple it with another piece.)

It might be a fun jaunt into another author's writing style. I'm pretty sure it records everything as a presentation, so you would actually SEE how I write. Maybe? I'm not entirely up on the semantics. I spent about 7 seconds glancing over the information. I deduced this only because of Google Wave. Possibly I am wrong. Maybe it will emit a loud series of barking noises! But, I doubt it.

Regardless, if you are interested in being a part of this project (and thus thanked by name in the final version!) please submit a request to: jemedrickbooks(AT)

You apparently are signed in by e-mail, of which I allow access. (E-mailing me will thus give me the e-mail I have to put into the system.)

Thanks :)


  1. Like I've said before, I'm happy to be a beta reader if you want. I'm down.