Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Like a Busy, Busy Bee


Been awhile!

How've you been?

I've been crazy busy (thanks for wondering!)

This last week has been insane. Ever feel like you've passed a month in a few days? That's what I feel like, on the short end. On the long end, I feel like I've aged ten years! It's just been busy, busy, busy!

Also, I've been sick. That slows down the entire process.

But, I'm working through it. So, what have I been doing? Well, I lost a third of one of my front teeth last week. Surprise to me! Luckily, no pain. Visited the dentist today and the cavity (the gaping maw of blackness that was unearthed from under said broken tooth) is not as bad as it LOOKS. No root canal (he thinks!) YAY :)

Also, made some serious progress on the timeline of Liar. It was giving me trouble until I broke down and made a timeline. Now all the days will match up! Hooray! That makes the story less confusing. HOWEVER, I've had to do some major editing and shifting because if I follow the actual timeline I wrote, then what I've written of the story doesn't match up...

But, I'm working on it.

And, you can see my progress on the side, there! Over 50%! Here is me exuding proud rainbows! *proud rainbows*

In other news, we should have K. Gorman here next Wednesday for the TrAuSt Tour. EXCITING! K has a story in the Twelve Worlds Anthology, as well. It's called The Star-Eater. I changed my story from Sleepeater to Insomnomancer right before submission. When I saw Star-Eater as one of the other titles, I knew my instinct was GOOD!

Quick Reminder: Twelve Worlds is slated for release in early April. The price will be $2.99 and it will contain 12 published-author stories as well as some bonus stories. Total length over 80k words! The proceeds will go to the charity Reading is Fundamental. We all took a vote and that got the majority!

And as a last thing, let me submit (for the approval, of the MIDNIGHT SOCIETY! Ahaha, that brings back memories...) this piece of truthful hilarity.

Also by the same author, THIS had me laughing so hard, I fell out of my computer chair and cried until I couldn't breathe. But, maybe you have to own a dog to understand. And one more piece of hilarity that made me laugh even after my broken tooth (of which I was really bummed)! (Also about dogs.)



  1. haha, trust me, I understand.

    But then, I own a few dogs myself.

    Gotta love their poochy madness. ;-)

    One More Day

  2. Yes :) My puppy is a sweetheart when he wants to be... and utterly senseless when I DON'T want him to be :P