Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Gears of 2011

I imagine that like many people I am patting myself on the back and saying something like, "This year is your year!"  I have my pledge written over there, somewhere on the right toolbar.  I'm determined to finish a work, self-publish it, and sell 1k copies by Dec. 15.

What makes me believe this?
1. The belief that my writing is good, and deserves to be read.
2. The certainty that when people read my work, they will be entertained - thus sharing with others.
3. The knowledge that if I am not successful in this, I will have some serious explaining to do to my fiance, about why I haven't come to bed before 3am for the past couple months.  (Answer: Finishing up that last chapter!)
4. The average work world and I don't seem to play very nice together, so I have to do something with my days.

Okay, scratch that last one, anyway.  I play nice, there's just no jobs to be had around here... other than what I do currently - deliver pizza.  I know it sounds selfish, but one day I wish a hopeful author can look at me and say, where was J.E.Medrick before 1,000 copies a month?  Delivering pizza!  Can you believe that?!?

My puppy wants me to stay home too, because it means more attention for him.

Despite all my bluster, I didn't get anything written yesterday.  I worked from 11am - 8pm (again!) and then we took down our Christmas tree, grabbed some food and went cosmic bowling with my family for New Year's.  To be fair: #6 of my pledge is more time with loved ones.  But I charged out a few chapters each the past couple of days and I have an idea for the direction of the next few.

I can feel time ticking away a little bit.  My goal was to finish up this novel early this month, and have it up for sale next month.  I want it to be the best it can, though.  I won't sacrifice quality for speed.  But, if I have something good to get down... I just have to learn to type faster than 90wpm!


  1. "I know it sounds selfish, but one day I wish a hopeful author can look at me and say, where was J.E.Medrick before 1,000 copies a month? Delivering pizza! Can you believe that?!?"

    Doesn't sound selfish at all. I think authors need those kinds of stories to keep us going through the tough times. It can be hard and lonely out there and your success will lift others.

  2. It's amazing how many writers write during the holidays. I tried to 'cool out' for a few days but always found myself back at my keyboard.

    As I check out more and more blogs I am learning that I am not the only one who does that.

    Continued success with your writing1

  3. @Gniz: Thank you for your support! It's a little reassuring that someone else out there is rooting for me. I read Amanda Hocking's blog. Sure, she sold about 100k copies in December... but a few months before that, she posted about wanting to buy headphones, knowing she couldn't afford it, and getting the cheapest ones anyway, while guilt about how she was going to pay her bills riddled her. I look at her story to help build my own confidence. I want to pay it forward :)

    @Bakari I don't know about how other writers do it, but I go absolutely bonkers if I don't write. I can go about a week, and then all the "What if???"s and "Ooh, how about??"s start tickling my conscious. I have to get them out, even to sleep. Writing is a great outlet for me! Thank you for the support!