Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charging Forward

Well, I have to say, unit-sales-wise, it's been an exciting month for me thus far... but you'll have to wait until next month for an actual sales update :D

I had a pretty interesting dream last night. I can only remember fragments. I will list them as I remember them:

1. There was a young boy who died and was cremated. His name was Jacob. (They called him Baby Jacob's Ashes.) Somehow his ashes got mixed up with a necromatical fire. Zombies ensued.

2. There was a guy with a crush on me. He was telekinetic. He saved me from some zombies with his flying car. Our conversation went like this:
"Why is your car flying?"
"Did you forget? I'm telekinetic."
"Yes, but you're terrible at it."
"I can hold this car up for three hours!"
At that point the car began to wobble in the air, and I decided I didn't believe him.

3. The zombies were semi-intelligent. They had feelings. They could also be fooled into thinking living people were zombies with careful make-up and groany/shuffling attitudes. But one bite and it was all over.

4. I had to solve a puzzle to find Baby Jacob's ashes. This was one of the clues, "Treehouse and For Hungry Sith and Me... comes next." (The answer to this clue was 3,463+1 so 3,464. Do you get it?)

5. I assembled all but one of the clues. Obama (yes, the president) appeared with four buses. He claimed he could rescue everyone with the buses but, "Damn it, you have to find that last clue!"

6. Obama's bus cavalcade stormed off into the sunset, leaving only me behind. But I solved the puzzles and turned the zombies into dust. They were sad.

The End!

In other news, "Coward" has been pushed to 53%! I'm playing catch-up from the OoTE last Saturday, but hopefully will still be on schedule!

Cheers :)

Oh yeah, please don't forget to check out the Man Eating Bookworm! He left me a great review about "Liar" :)


  1. There's a recipe to a great movie in here somewhere.

    In any case, you win the Best Obama/Zombie/Telekinesis Dream Of The Week Award!

    Your prize?

    An imaginary ten speed zombie slapping pair of Moon Shoes!

    Enjoy those Moon Shoes and keep out of the zombies' reach.



  2. @Nick: Oooh, that just might be better than a collapsible plaid bicycle! Will do my best to stay beyond the undead ;)

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  4. Your dreams, Miss. What are you eating before bedtime?

    Seriously, I wondered a little about all the thermometers in the sidebar until you graced us with your last two dream episodes. I begin to see where your creative juices flow.

    Little typing issue the first time...

    Keep it up; looking forward to working with you again.