Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Push!

The first draft of "Coward" is due by Monday and I'm making a serious push to finish it. I think I wrote over 4k words today, already. Another 4k tomorrow to hit the goal, provided I don't do anymore tonight.

I think the whole story is exciting, but I'm almost at the climax of the episode. Understandably, this is at/near the end ;)

It's coming along nicely and I'm absolutely thrilled to have this represent my ability. One of my beta readers said, "It really looks like you're hitting your stride. I like "Liar" better than "Cheat" and I like "Coward" better than "Liar"!"

I've color designated "Coward" as purple in my nifty sales chart. Very excited to see a purple bar creeping up the graph :) I think it will fit nicely with the color scheme!

I'm a little frenetic today, as I've poured a massive amount of story out in a short amount of time. The well isn't empty, but it's draining! It will be nice to take that 1-2 day break I give myself after finishing a work :) With the explosion of this ending, I think I'll need it... ;)

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