Friday, May 27, 2011

Wickedly Weathered

I know I've been quiet the past few days - sorry my weblings!

The Midwest (and just about everywhere else, it seems) has been getting hammered by severe weather (and tornadoes!!!!!) a lot. I heard yesterday that it's rained 49 of the last 56 days. That is a lot of rain :(

To reinforce the amount of rain we're getting, when I delivered today, I was driving down a road and thought to myself, "I don't remember there being a lake there..." and then I realized it's a couple acres of cornfields...

I've had to turn my computer on and off a number of times during said severe weather, but only seriously taken refuge in the basement twice.

Needless to say, this has hampered my writing, my INTERNET DIARYING (to avoid the b-word hehe) and my video gaming >.>

Lots of exciting stuff going on for me right now! Work is getting a big upheaval, and in a laid back industry like pizza delivery, that's saying something.

I am also working my patootie off... to give you an idea, I have 7 more IH episodes due to come out this year (140,000 words) AND at least one more novel (60,000 words), so my schedule has been pretty tight.

I started this journey last November and since then have written over 120,000 words... that is mind-boggling...

On the 19th I sent out a call for my last 12 Worlds TrAuSter, but sadly never heard back, so no TrAuSt this week :( I think we've missed more weeks than had on in a row... ah well. It's all for fun anyway, right? :)

So! That means an open call for those interested in being featured *HERE* as a TrAuSter! Not only will you get to speak your piece in either a guest post or interview, but I will add your delightful works to my TrAuSt widget over on the sidebar (over yonder).

I know my good buddy Nick is interested :) So I'll be calling your number soon! (Figuratively of course, I'm not creepin' and have no idea where you live or what your phone number is.)

Please have a safe and fun Memorial day weekend! (I have to work Memorial day!) May you grill to your heart's content and not get too embarrassingly sloshed :P (Eat some Indian corn for me!)



  1. Hahahaha, you're right I'd love to be featured on your blog. I do appreciate the disclosure that you're not E-stalking me, however. (Is that an already existing term or did I just make that up? Has a good ring to it.)

    Right on, let me know!



  2. I'm pretty sure the term is "creepin'"! I work with a number of people younger than myself (go figure) and when they refer to Facebook stalkers (or MySpace or whatever shenanigans they're getting into) they always say creepin' :)