Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo Finish (But, I'm the Only One Racing)

Yay, another 4am finish for me!  I love writing in the gloom of the really, really late night.  It's the time when the world is quiet, and you can argue about whether it's still yesterday because it's still dark, or if it's actually today because the clock says so.

I think I should give a shout out to my fiance for today, however.  I would have been content to do up a chapter (maybe two, the one I wrote first was a short chapter*)  I got a kiss on the cheek, an encouraging smile and a, "You have to write 3 chapters or 2,500 words before you come to bed.  Whichever comes first.  When you're done, wake me up and I'll rub lotion on your feet, because I know they're dry (stupid winter).  Good luck!"

*A normal chapter is 900-1,300 words for this story.  This one was just shy of 700.

I actually clocked in at 7 pages (Word... Microsoft, not the street slang), 2,799 words and 3 chapters :)

I feel a little silly, because I actually said to someone today, "Yeah, I'm just finishing up the book I'm writing."  I think I should clarify, I am at least 11 days away from finishing this draft.  My goal is 50k words, and I aim for at least 1k a day.  Some days (especially recently) I pull out 2k+.  If the story isn't finished in 50k, then there are obviously more words that need to be added.

I wrote three chapters today.  I feel they had a punch at the end.  I feel really great about that.

Today I am most proud that I:
(ate sauerkraut for German good luck superstition fun times!) Met my goal imposed on me for my fiance :)

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