Saturday, January 8, 2011

Karmaic Balance

I am a pretty firm believer in the power of karma.  I think I have avoided so many accidents in my car because I'm a courteous driver.  Things in this vain, et cetera.

Today I tried to contact a fellow I knew in college.  We were in IFS together (International Film Society, for all you acronym lovers)  He's a pretty cool cat, very witty, very into paranormal.  He sometimes interviews/takes pictures with famous horror movie figureheads.  I think it's pretty impressive how far he's taken his love of the genre.

I know I need to network for my book, but it's really hard to do.  It's not what I am particularly interested in doing.  I want to write.  I want to have my product available to entertain others.  I love the business side of it, but for now, I want to focus on the production side.

So anyway, I contacted him with the hopes that in exchange for a digital ARC, he'll review my book (for better or for worse) on his blog, and on Amazon where I suspect it will be posted.  Then I clicked send on the e-mail, with much trepidation.  Will he answer me back?  Probably, like I said, he's a cool cat.  Will he do it?  I have no idea.  We honestly haven't talked much since graduation.

Then, not five minutes later I struck up a conversation with an ex-professor and friend of mine from that self-same college.  Incidentally enough, she was my Marketing professor.  We talked a little about my book finishing up this month and hopefully being available soon.  Then, surprise of surprises, she asked if I would like to become a client of her Promotional Marketing class.  She thinks my book would be a great way to get them started (Google is apparently giving them $200 in adwords credit).

I am absolutely way excited about that, so of course I said YES!

I had another 9 hour day at work, but right now I am feeling quiet content <3


  1. I love karma--the Universe is the best! I tell it to BRING IT and it does every time... not always how I intended, but I'm not complaining. Those connections, coincidences and chance meetings are anything but--good for you, what a fantastic opportunity--especially considering you specifically said you'd rather not worry about marketing--you got the chance to have someone do it for you dropped in your lap! Gotta LOVE it!

    And as much as I know we writers hate the business stuff, it's actually quite fun. I've made more new friends through networking, blogging and Tweeting than I have in a long time, relationships that I value beyond their capacity to further my career--which furthers my career, oddly.

    Best of luck, interested to see what happens with the class!

  2. Dude, that's really amazing. A whole marketing team and the book's not even out yet! The universe is helping to make it a reality my friend!

    (I say that knowing how silly and New Agey I sound)

  3. Well... I wouldn't call it a Full Marketing Team :) It is a class learning about marketing, so while I expect some success (and excitement from the students for a real-life client), I won't get my hopes up that it will rocket me to the top of the charts.

    Though, if it does, you won't hear -me- complaining :)