Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Accident? and Name Change

While working today, I was tossing stuff around in my head about the fact that around this time next month, I will have a book ready for sale. That seems crazy in a lot of ways for me! It also fills me with pride.

I decided to change the name of this blog to "Mythos of an Indie". Perhaps one day I will become a legend :) Well, one can dream. I would settle for a mostly-remembered fable.

Also, I had to increase my target word count. It's tentatively 55k. The story is just not finished! I refuse to kill my story because of an arbitrary (completely arbitrary) word goal. So, there it is. My 98% completion dropped to around 89%, but that's okay! Inversion, anyone?

I also changed my schedule at work. 9-10 hour days, 5-6 days in a row over the weekend and beginning of the week meant that I was working A LOT, and because of the payroll week breaks, getting no overtime. I asked to only work 4 days a week. The funny thing is, I'm cut down a day, and my scheduled hours are only 3 less than last week. Hmmm...

Anyway, I have 3 days off a week to help get caught up. I also have a 9 day vacation coming in February, where I want to finish everything up completely/obsess over my launch. I really hope my cover guy gets back to me by then! 9 days unpaid, by choice (the 9 days by choice, not the unpaid part). Hopefully this will help me get the writing I want to get done, also :)

My fiance is also a super sweetheart by saying, "I don't care how much or how little you work, as long as you can cover your personal bills, and help out with buying food etc. around the house, it's fine!" I'd love to end up super successful so I can give us a boost in life, and provide a nice ending/reward for someone who is so supportive!

Love makes the world go 'round <3 (And loved ones make that damn book get finished!)


  1. You've got such a great attitude and believe me, with the support you have from your spouse, I really think you're going to have success in this publishing venture.

    There actually is some money to be made, and the bottom line seems to be: write, write, write, produce more and more content!

    I will be one of your first customers, you've got a sale with me!


  2. Thank you Aaron! I'm glad I won't be skunked out of the indie world!!!