Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Difference a Year Makes

I have to post this, because I find it so hilarious.  I was looking over the stats for this blog and one of my popular posts this week can be found here.  It is a post from EXACTLY a year ago, today.

How much different do I feel about my life!!  I could absolutely be a stay-at-home-author and get work done.  I think I needed some serious work grind to remember there are things out there I love to do - and writing is really one of them.

I may not be the most fabulous writer ever to grace the halls of of the printed word, but I love what I do and I think that shows.

Yesterday I wrote three chapters (Yes, I did manage to get all three, haha, my fiance can't yell at me!)  It averaged out somewhere in the range of 3.3k in words.  I went back today and read over it, tweaked a bit here and there.  I don't know if it's the outline I made so I can see the path clearly... or just that the more I write, the more naturally it comes... or if I'm in one of those "It's just writing itself!" modes... but I did them in record time yesterday.

I feel like a total bundle of nerves about the whole thing.  Only ten days ago, I ordered a cover for my almost complete first novel.  Only a year ago, I wondered if I'd ever finish writing a story!!!

Well, I am proud of myself, and I hope you, dear reader, can share in the warm rays of my ego also :)


  1. Hey, I'm super excited for you too! Can't wait to see the cover, you know how much I love new covers!!

  2. Yes, I decided to hire a cover artist. It's a hit to my wallet that I am dreading, but I have zero drawing skills whatsoever and doubt I could put together one by myself. I have lots of artsy friends, but everyone is always so busy I ended up seeking out a person to whom this is their job.

    Let's hope it turns out amazing!