Monday, January 10, 2011

Days of Freedom

It's been a little rough at work this week.  I worked 26 hours in the last 3 days and 6 of them were yesterday...

Needless to say, I slept in today.  The poor puppy woke me up with his whining because it was past his breakfast time :(  Sorry Ajax!

Today I'm mostly relaxing and getting my lazy on.  When my fiance and I ended up finally at home for the night, yesterday, I was so darn tired!  I begged to be let out of my writing for the day, promising three chapters today.  Well, I got a pass, and now I have to write three chapters!  Ha ha ha... oooh...

I've gotten the house cleaned up a little.  I really hope to be a full-time author one day, because our house will be so much cleaner then!  Though, if I had free time all the time, maybe I would be lazy and get less writing done?  In case my fiance reads this post... that last sentence was just a joke.  Ha, ha!!

In writing related news... no chapters yet.  However (here you should picture me triumphantly piercing the sky with a jabbing forefinger) I did make an outline of how to end my book.  I never make outlines, the story is always floating on waves of imagination through my brain.  But, I'm getting down to the last bits and I want to make sure everything is in its correct place - especially since this will be the first novel I've ever finished.

If all goes according to outline, this book will be finished in 8 (eight!) chapters.  I just had a small moment of foreboding there, so I had to spell out eight.  8 is too close to the sign for infinity, and I don't want infinity chapters until I'm done...

I think it will probably be closer to 9, but we shall see.

Also, for those interested, here is my current (as in, in progress) reading list:

(Hardcover) The Heretic's Daughter, Kathleen Kent
(Borrowed, hardcover) The Host, Stephanie Meyer (I have not, and will never, read Twilight, so don't ask)
(Hardcover) The Monster Book of Zombies, anthology
(Hardcover) A Whisper of Blood, anthology
(Kindle) The Hangman's Daughter, Oliver Potzsch (umlaut over the o in the last name, laaaazy)
(Kindle, free) Bright of the Sky, Kay Kenyon

I know there are more, but some of them are actual printed books and got lost in the shuffle in the house...

In my Kindle sample queue:

The Demon Queen and the Locksmith, Spencer Baum
Amber Magic, B.V. Larson
The Gift of Fury, Richard Jackson
Silver Thaw, Amy Rose Davis
The Black God's War, Moses Siregar III


  1. To read is human, to sample is divine.


  2. My sample list stares me in the face, all the time! I'll get to it here sometime!