Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Interminable WAIT

I'm not a gloriously patient person. I mean, I like to get where I'm going, get stuff I needed done, see results, ect.

I just put up "Shackled" on Amazon, PubIt and Smashwords. I don't know, I feel at little strange. I'm excited to be finished but... nothing is happening at the moment. I have to wait for their processing (granted - FAR better than waiting 2+ years for traditional publishing). 24-72 hours, plus I'm over 200 in the Smashwords queue. Just twiddling my thumbs now.

My brain is mush from marathon editing. Maybe I'll be more excited after sleep. Won't sleep for a bit though, there is still so much nerve power flashing around in my body.

I FINISHED MY FIRST NOVEL! HOLY (*@%#)@*($U#)@*(&$#)@*(#$U*@)(!!!!

When it's up for really reals, I'll post it on my Release Page and ask all of you to give me a shout out. I'm cool like that ;)


  1. Congrats!!! I know how you feel. I published Belvoir on Amazon on the 14th. And your cover is awesome.