Tuesday, February 1, 2011


At the very beginning of January, I gave myself an anneurism (figuratively) by sending out a query to a cover artist. I'd heard good things about his work, even though his internet page made me a little gun-shy. (I don't dig white text on a black background.) Seeing as how I'd never finished a story of this caliber, nor put it out for people to love (or hate), this was a huge step for me. I was filled with the most unholy trepidation you can imagine.

So the days ticked by and I sort of heard from him (I had been e-mailing updates to try and stay in the loop) and finally I asked when he would have something for me. He promised me on January 20th he'd "Have something to show you by the end of next week" So I waited... waited... sigh, waited.

Yesterday I sent him an e-mail asking if anything had materialized, or if I needed to find another cover artist. I tried to be as polite as possible. I still have not received an answer.

So, heart heavy and weary, I sent out a second query to a different cover artist, who I was introduced to no later than today.

Within the hour he had e-mailed me a response. He also likes to read the piece, to help him get into the story and make a really great cover.

I am absolutely thrilled.

I am also poor. He offered me a VERY reasonable payment plan.

My hero of the day is Jeroen ten Berge!!

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