Friday, February 25, 2011

Some Updates

I've posted about my next WIP. Details are on my release blog.

I think it's interesting how many people must come by and not say hello. In December, I had 10 total page views. In January, 365. So far this month? 593. That number staggers my brain (in a good way.)

I wrote "Shackled" because I wanted to write an Adult Book. Not so much themes like sex, or violence, but a book with intellectual wording that I felt good about. I wrote "Shackled". I gave it my stamp of approval, and sent it out on fledgling wings into the wide, cruel world.

So, I did that. That's one thing off my bucket list. Whee!

Now that I've done the writing that was necessary for my happiness as a writer, I can move on. I'm trying my hand at YA. I sort of think I was meant to write YA. (But as I said, I wanted to write an Adult Book first.) The themes and wording feel very natural to me. Also, I devoured books faster when I was younger (easier reads, yeah?). I have a lot of YA reading under my belt, and I think I have a really interesting concept with the Icarus Helix series I'm starting. I will probably post the intro when I get closer to release.

Jeroen ten Berge is going to be my cover artist for the series, also. He's really a delight to work with. He's easy to talk with and I think he really delivers a quality product. He's also open to how I feel about the series, and what I'd like to see on the cover. Good guy to work with! I recommend him.

Please keep an eye on my writing widget to the left. You can watch my progress, as I plow forward into the horomonic (yes I made that word up, suck it spellchecker) lands of the YA...


  1. Guilty as charged...I've viewed your page a few times here and there and never left a comment. I plan on purchasing a copy of "Shackled" (I just have to get my bills accounted for at the moment.) It sounds like an interesting read and I look forward to your work in YA. Very excited for you :)

  2. Good luck with the YA novel! I'm happy to be one of the regular contributors. And thank you of course for always stopping by my blog and commenting, 'tis always appreciated.

    And I like the new look of the blog. Very spiffy. :-)

  3. Cool, I look forward to seeing the intro to the Icarus Helix series!

  4. And nice Blogger numbers. Now that we're at the end of February (the first full month my blog has been active), I'm nearing 255 visits to my blog. Hopefully that number will continue to go up.

    Best of luck with your blog as well!

    - Nick