Friday, February 25, 2011

Unintentionally STUCK!

We got a lot of snow last night.

A LOT of snow. More than I expected... More than my car can handle.

I successfully backed out of my driveway this morning. That's -all- the success I had. I'm supposed to be at work. Earning money. To pay my bills.

I can't get down my street.

I called my work. "I'm stuck... In the street." I told my manager. "Huh." she said. I guess she'd already called another driver, just in case. Smart on her!

This is the worst winter I ever remember having. Between the mountains of snow and the ice storms that coat everything in slippery danger, then snow and more ice... and more ice... and more ice... and SNOW...

In honor of this winter, I've prepared a short letter.

Dear World,

Please stop global warming. Seriously, you're killing me here. (Seriously, if I can't get to work, I don't eat.)


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