Monday, February 7, 2011

Opinions, Round 2... FIGHT!

I have been puzzling over how to make my "blurb" (Ugh, I HATE that word) better. I've received some information from various sources that it appears a little weak. It's hard to walk away from it when I like it ;) So, here is an updated version, please tell me if you think it's stronger. Please keep in mind, this is a fiction paranormal/horror book.

One man, labeled monster, imprisoned for 200 years.

His brother - the only remaining jailer. Refusing to protect his secret any longer, he seeks to serve a confession from his deathbed.

A foster son, witness to an impossible testimony of deceit, jealousy and murder. He must bear the ill tides of the past, to correct the future.

Three men, bound by blood, love and iron.


Fans of Anne Rice's "Interview With a Vampire" and Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose" may also enjoy this read.


  1. That's a really awesome cover! Congrats!

    I'm liking your "blurb" too -- sounds good. It's coming out tomorrow, right? ;-)

    - Nick

  2. JE, no particular reason you should listen to my opinion, but the rewritten blurb is terrific!! Seriously, it's like night and day--the details you added make the description MUCH more interesting, IMHO-who doesn't love deathbed confessions?! You've got a sale right here! I love the "bound by blood, love and iron" line. My only tiny quibble is that "his secret" isn't clear whether it's referring to the brother's secret or the prisoner's secret--at least it's not clear to me. In any case, congratulations; great job!

  3. I'm so loving the cover. In fact, I was so enthralled that I didn't read the blurb.