Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alternate Cover for "Cheat"

What do you think? Does this say "football" less and "everyone should read me" more? :) Do you believe it will appeal to a wider audience? What do you like/dislike about it? Let's hear some feedback! :D


  1. Well, it still says football it a big way--after all, the central image is a football. I really like the cover and think it's a cool, cool cover, probably better than the previous version. still screams boy book to me. I'm a boy, I'd look at this...

  2. I like this cover better. Not that the first one was bad. I just like this one better. Oh, and I agree with Aaron, it looks like a boy book.

  3. I like this one better, and like the others, this is definitely a boy book, by the cover anyway.

    It still says football, but I like the shadows on the person, so you can't quite tell any distinguishing features. Adds some mystery to the proceedings.

  4. I like this one more, also. Yeah, it still says football, but the way the ball is hovering over the person's hand evokes the telekinesis them a bit more to me.

  5. I like this one better as well. Still has "boy book" written all over it. I think the only thing you could do if you are wanting to target girls as well- is to put a girl in the background, maybe in the back on the left side, with her skirt billowing in the wind or something. Just a suggestion.

    I like it though.

    Angeline Kace

  6. @Aaron: Well, that's okay. The main character is a football player, but it's not as stereotypical this time, and I think it's a good cover :)

    @Shelia: Yes, it is probably a boy cover. Episode 2 is more girl!

    @Nicholas: Yes, some others described it as "intriguing, curious, shadowy and interesting" et cetera. I like this one better!

    @Michael: That's kind of what we were going for :) A little bit of hint to his power with the cover.

    @Angeline: We tossed around a number of ideas with the first cover, eventually scrapping it in favor of this one. I'm okay with this one saying "boy" because Episode 2 says "girl" more :)