Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Cheat" is Live

As you can see by my Release Blog, "Cheat" is live on Amazon and B&N!

It has already been an exciting release for me. Even though my status on KDP is still "Publishing" I've already sold 2 copies! That blows my mind. I hope it's not a fluke and the momentum continues!! (I must be a good writer, look at all those exclamation marks!!!!!)

I mean, of course it's not a fluke because I'm amazing and talented. Yes? ;)

I should get to work on "Liar" so it's ready and polished long before it's April 15th release date. If I finish early enough maybe I can start on Episode 3... (is the suspense for the name killing you, yet? :P)

In unrelated news, my dog keeps laying on the power strip across the room and I'm afraid he's going to catch on fire.

The End!


  1. Awesome, 2 copies at that stage? I didn't know it was possible hehe...if only there was some way to do a pre-ordering kind of thing with Kindle.

    Hmm...something for the future perhaps? Obviously, we'd have to have a pretty large fanbase for that to work.

    One More Day

  2. Unfortunately, Indies can't put up a book for pre-order!!! Only the big publishers are trusted enough to make their scheduled release dates...