Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Music in My Fingertips

Today's title (Music in My Fingertips) is the only way I can describe the past few days, because my fingers are dancing across the keys...

I've popped out chapter after chapter, and now I'm up to 66% of my word goal. I've been working on this project for about 5 days, so that's pretty rapid progress. Though, I have to say, once an idea solidifies in my head, it's only a matter of getting it down, then editing up to a nice, clean polish.

I'm really excited about this part of my writing career. I'm trying something a little different than where I'd thought I'd be, and I feel like I am excelling at it. I've gotten positive feedback on my story, so far, a definite interest in the main character and some side characters. There's so much room for me to keep writing... it's really nice.

If everything falls into place, this story will be available on March 10th. That leaves me 9 days to finish up 7k words and edit... but as I'm a rolling editor, I'm not terribly concerned about it. I -am- worried about pushing my cover artist too hard. He's a great guy and I keep dumping cover concepts on his head, eh he he... But if things don't work out then I'll be aiming for March 17th.

Everyone writes at a different pace, I happen to write pretty concisely. (I've also had 22 years of practice, prior to actually finishing a story) So, I hope you won't let my pace deter you, and in a week or two, you'll pick up a copy of Cheater's Pass. (only $.99! You can afford that, to try out my YA episodic adventure!) Then, if it's really bad, you can come here and rant, or if it's good, you can come here and rant. Really, you get to rant either way, so why not give it a try? $.99 for a rant! Not bad!

Back to work tomorrow and I'm bound and determined to actually GO!


  1. I know that magical feeling. I had it last weekend. Cranked out 6,000 words Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday and yesterday nothing. Well, not quite nothing, but it sure felt like it. I got distracted and lost my mojo. Glad to hear you're firing on all cylinders. I'm working to get back there myself. :)

    On a different note, I've not gotten too far in your book yet (there's another I'm finishing first) but I've done a quick scan and noticed a couple formatting things you might want to look at. Probably the comments here aren't the best place to talk about them though. I guess drop me a line if you like.

    Michael Kingswood

  2. I fired off an e-mail to you :) Everything looked great on the Kindle 2 I have, but if there is a problem, I want to correct it post-haste!

  3. Congratulations on the amazing progress you are making on book #2. Due to crises of various kinds, I haven't made much progress on my next project...trying to focus, but it's just not happening at the moment.

    I have the day off from work today however, and I'd like to spend some time actually accomplishing something. ;-)

    - Nick
    One More Day