Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Cheat" Updates

Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback so far!

We're closing in on the final cover (if this isn't the final). Yes, I am equally worried it will appeal mostly to boys... HOWEVER, each novella is supposed to stand alone, and the second cover is not sports-related. I'm hoping the "new" name might at least get people to click, then when they read the description, maybe they'll get pulled in after all.

A series of lucky shots, but there you have it. Gotta rely on luck sometimes ;)

Below is also an edited version of the PD. If you'd be so kind, tell me your thoughts...

How far would you go for money? For Marcus Tiller, gambling debt was an overwhelming shadow on his life. As a neonatal attendant at St. Mercy Four Cities Hospital in need of cash, he became CGT-Inc's ideal pawn. The contract: secretly inject newborns with an experimental compound - for $1,000 a head. But, three years after he began, he disappeared.

Now, 14 years later, the effects of the compound are starting to show. 17-year old Ian Reynolds, an aspiring varsity football player, suddenly finds he can control things with the power of his thoughts. Footballs miraculously end up in his hands, girls' skirts catch sudden drafts and life is good. But the gift comes with a price, both physical and mental.

As Ian tries to understand his power, the big rivalry against the Waredo Firehawks looms. But when a stranger who may know his secret begins leaving him cryptic notes, will Ian decide his power is best left... undiscovered?

This novella is the first season, first episode of the Icarus Helix series. Each novella in the series is intended to stand alone. They may be read in any order. The approximate length is 20,000 words.

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