Monday, March 21, 2011

Up to the Date

So, very exciting stuff happening! The TrAuSt Tour kicks off THIS Wednesday, the 23rd, so please be sure to stop in and say hi to our guest, Tony Lavely.

The Twelve Worlds Anthology is slated to come out next month. I have a piece, Insomnomancer, that will (currently) appear FOURTH in the collection. But, as it's digital I suppose order doesn't matter TOO much. Though I hope for exposure by it, sure :) Quick plug! Here is the Twelve Worlds cover:

You CANNOT tell me that doesn't look exciting!

Also, a little sales update. Please look at my nifty chart I digitally slaved over.

If you count them all up, I've sold 8 copies of "Shackled" and 5 copies of "Cheat"! That is officially 13 more copies than I ever sold before indie pubbing ;) (For those not in the know, I made the decision to become an indie from yon get-go.)

If you look at my little pledge thingy on the right, you'll see I pledged to sell 1,000 copies of a novel this year. "Shackled" is currently my only novel for sale and I have sold 8. Only 992 to go! I know the more pieces I get out there, the more momentum my name will receive. If all goes as planned, I will have at least 10 pieces up before September (7 of them episodes from the IH series). I want to be ready for the big buying season during the holidays! Plus, September is my birth month, so there's that :)

Gotta jet for now. Be sure to come back Wednesday for the grand unveiling of the TrAuSt Tour!


  1. Excellent! A digital collection for charity -- that's a good idea! I hope it sells through the roof.

    Good job on the sales btw. It is hard to sell ANYTHING these days. The longer we stick in this race, the faster we'll be able to run. :-)

  2. Thanks, Nick :) I'm certainly not besting any records, but I hope to gain a steady following :)