Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Calling in Dead

I've been pretty absentee this week, and I apologize!

I'm going to use my "Calling in Dead" card. I've been incredibly sick the past week, emotionally drained and physically ill. (Slept 12+ hours yesterday...) My guest post for the TrAuSt Tour canceled at the last second and I didn't see it until about 5 minutes ago...

Look for things to get back on schedule with that, next week!

As for me, just recuperation, rejuvenation, and hopefully staying out of the bathroom...


  1. I hear you, J.E.!

    I have been dealing with courts and irritated people and long work hours, so my writing hours have definitely diminished.

    On top of that, my stupid cover on CreateSpace has been driving me up the friggin' wall. That template crap will make you lose your hair.

    ANYWAY...glad to hear you're feeling better and hopefully we'll both be able to write more now.

    Hey, so your guest canceled?

    I'm here.

    Just sayin'. ;-)

    One More Day

  2. Trust me, it's not that I'm putting you off :) I was just totally down and out last week. We have a big line-up of the Twelve Worlds authors, since it will be dropping this month. I have you slated though :)